At Mackenzie Stewart, we exist to serve and provide value to our clients. As a business, we are focused on customer segments where we have the experience, knowledge and insight necessary to make the biggest impact for our customers. The clients we choose to serve will be committed to personal growth, and organizational excellence.

Our target customer segments are Leaders, Business Organizations, and Nonprofit Organizations.



We believe that effective leadership is key to building great organizations, and we enjoy working with individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills. Whether you are a young individual interested in developing core leadership skills, or an experienced leader interested in going to the next level, we are interested in sharing our knowledge and ideas about leadership with you. Individuals who may benefit from our education and coaching services include individual contributors, new managers, functional managers, executives and board directors.


Business Organizations

We are focused on serving Startups, Emerging Businesses, and Stagnant Business Organizations.


In a startup approach to business, entrepreneurs solve difficult business problems by creating something entirely new. Though startups are often viewed as being exciting and glamorous, startups are really hard - even when you succeed! The individuals that choose to build startups are a special breed of leader. Entrepreneurs who create startup organizations normally have incredible passion and domain expertise about the problem they are solving. However, they often do not have an easy and effective way to acquire the business knowledge and insight necessary for the startup to be successful. At Mackenzie Stewart, we love helping entrepreneurs take an idea from a clean sheet of paper to reality, and we have significant experience in this space both as entrepreneurs and advisers. Organizations who may benefit from our services include early-stage startups needing help with strategy and business plan development, funded startups in need of marketing and customer development expertise, and mature startups needing guidance on capacity building and scaling. 

Emerging Businesses

Emerging business organizations are typically small or mid-sized companies, or a business unit in a large enterprise. A small business is defined as having less than 100 employees, and a mid-sized business as having fewer than 1,000 employees. Emerging business organizations face many challenges including rapid growth, changing markets, competition, and globalization. Mackenzie Stewart has extensive experience with business transformation and organizational capacity building, and would be honored to partner with you as you journey to the next level.

Stagnant Business Organizations

Stagnant businesses are organizations that are not advancing or developing. Typically, they are stuck, and in some extreme cases they are regressing. Startups, small or mid-sized companies, enterprise business units, and mature companies are all prone to becoming stagnant. Symptoms of stagnant business organizations including poor business performance, ineffective leadership, unhappy customers and poor employee morale. Mackenzie Stewart has significant expertise in turnarounds and re-engineering, and is available to assist clients as needed in these types of situations.


Nonprofit Organizations

We are focused on serving Startup Social Ventures, Emerging Nonprofit Organizations, and Stagnant Nonprofit Organizations.

Startup Social Ventures

The world needs passionate and committed individuals who want to help create a better world by working to solve some of society's most pressing global problems. Typically, these leaders have the domain expertise for the problem they choose to solve, but not the knowledge or insight on how to best build a sustainable organization. Whether establishing a traditional nonprofit or a social enterprise, the leader still begins with a clean sheet of paper. Mackenzie Stewart has over thirty years working with nonprofits and raw startups, and can provide significant value to emerging leaders who would like a partner to join them on their journey. If you have a great idea about making a difference, we should talk!

Emerging Nonprofit Organizations

Similar to emerging business organizations, many emerging nonprofit organizations face challenges as they grow and begin to scale. Challenges may include board governance, leader development, strategy and planning, organization development, customer and donor development, internal and external communications, marketing and community outreach. Mackenzie Stewart has the experience to walk alongside a nonprofit leadership team or board of directors as the organization initiates and implements a capacity building initiative. This is a critical time for most emerging nonprofit organizations and we would welcome the opportunity to serve and support you. 

Stagnant Nonprofit Organizations

Stagnant nonprofit organizations are simply not advancing or developing. Typically, they are stuck, and in many cases they are regressing. Symptoms of stagnant nonprofit organizations include unhappy customers, poor employee morale, poor financial performance, ineffective leadership, board governance issues, and negative community perception. Mackenzie Stewart has significant expertise in business transformation, turnarounds and re-engineering, and is available to assist clients as needed in these types of situations.


Getting Started

If you are a leader, business organization, or nonprofit organization seeking to improve your business performance, and build an enduring great organization, please contact us. It would be our honor to serve you!